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Digital Copy Printer - Rongda RD3608 and Riso CZ Series

Rongda RD3608
Digital Copiers

High Speed Automatic, Digital Scanning/Fully Automatic, Thermal Screening Copy printer System

Digital Copy printer integrates scanning, master making and printing functions.

Reduce Operating time
Improve Efficiency
Improve Print Quality
Low cost per copy performance
Energy Saving
Enlargement / Reduction


Input Type: Sheets and computer input
USB Interface to connect to computer
Print speed - 55-120 sheets per minute
Control Panel: LED
Max. Print Area B4 Max.
Original Size B4
Scanning Resolution 300dpi*400dpi
First Copy Time 40s

Riso CZ Series Digital Copy Printer
Digital Copiers

With a print speed of 130 pages per minute, a 500 sheet print run takes less than four minutes to finish, so you can print tests for a whole school or fliers for an announcement campaign in an incredibly short time.

Although the maximum print area is B4, you can scan A3 originals for reduction to B4 size. Better still, since the paper handles A3 paper, you can print on A3 or non-standard paper sizes larger than B4.

The ADF has a capacity of ten sheets and works in conjunction with program print to give you unprecedented versatility.

For example, if you are printing different materials for several classes, each with different numbers of students, you simply set your originals, program the number of copies for each one, and press print to automatically get your desired number of copies for each of the different originals.

The paper feed tray holds up to 1,000 sheets (depending on paper weight) to allow long, uninterrupted print runs.


* 2up
* ADF semi-auto
* Confidential
* 130 pages per minute
* RISO iQuality System standard
* Custom mode
* Program print
* Proof copy
* Reservation
* Scanning level adjustment


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